Time flies and I can´t believe that 20 years has pasted since I started Stora Blå in Sweden. A company build on my passion and my hobby. I love people and I love to see people grow as individuals and as a team when they are doing different activities and testing their comfortzone. Doing a business out of my passion was just a dream come true! To be successful you need to have a DNA in your business. And my DNA is to get 100% out of my life, feeling alive and live life as every day could be my last day, no regrets! This is my purpose to share my lifestyle and thats keeps me going.

You can´t grow a business by your own and I´m lucky to have had so many passionated employees during the years that have helped me develop Stora Blå to the company it is today. Today we are on a global journey. 2012 we opened an affiliate on Mallorca, Spain. 2017 we extended with Stora Blå partnership in Chamonix and this year in Svalbard. All cool destinations for doing cool and exciting adventures and activities.

This year we are celebrating our 20 years with several events. In July we had a sailing event in Båstad, Sweden where we invited Swedish customers and did a matchracing sailing. Fantastic day with the best sailing conditions.
Here are some photos from that event.

Now we are planning for the continue growth of Stora Blå and another exciting 20 years…… Stora Blå will make people grow on many places around the world!

Great clients makes great events! Matchracing Båstad, July 2017