The quest for something desirable

A light-hearted and fun activity that is energetic, diverse and easy to customize according to your needs.


Music video award

A guaranteed hit?
The teams create their own music video which is then assessed by a jury at the evening's gala dinner.


Sailing - Match Racing

Action-packed teamwork at sea. A fun and exciting experience where teamwork really put to the test!


Cave Diving Mallorca

An exciting and different conference activity. By taking us outside the comfort zone is being tested and developed team.


Tour de Mallorca

Discover Mallorca by bike. Every day a new hotel. We share our passion for food, wine and Mallorca, the cykeldestination.


Jeep safari Mallorca

With the help of cars and maps, we lead you to various destinations. Task to be solved along the journey. This is set creativity, knowledge and skills on the game.

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Roger Wohlin

Wohlins Cold store Logistics ltd

Thanks for a great day!

All happy!!

Martin Andersson

British Car Import - Jaguar Sweden

Radiant Jaguar days thanks to the Big Blue!


Tine Olsen

Novo Nordisk

Thanks for an excellent event!