”What is this Mr. Roslund?!”

The alarmclock woke me up at 04 in the morning. Checked in my flight with a passport out of date. I was lucky, no one noticed. Once  in Stockholm we where blessed with perfect weather when doing a commercial film about  the lifestyle of  being an Agapi clubmember. And this day was also the Swedish Nationalday, showing her best side 😇🇸🇪.  Stockholm was crowded with people, families, friends waving with flags everywhere. I experienced the beauty of the archipelago of Stockholm. We went from Biskopsudden to Möja Värdshus where we had an fantastic lunch. And then we continued to the boundry of the archepilago far away. 

This incredible day I also got  a great time with my lovely doughter Stella. We where both a part of this commercial film. At 23,00 o´clock, tired and happy about this wonderful day, we finally checked in at Raketstigen. After a tasty Italien red glas of wine I went to bed with my IPad watching the latest of Americas Cup. Only one thing left on my mind. -Will I get home with my old passport? Out of date since the 5th of june. 2 days old😱. Yes I did, a piece of luck again. They never checked👍😇😉 But the security took my two new flag-poles ( to our Agapi RIB boats in Calanova) in my handluggage. I am sorry Peder,,,we need to buy new ones.  Hasta luego.

The security at Arlanda did not like my two flag-poles. Even on our national day. I had to abandon them

Stella is enjoying inspite of the cold wind

100% Swedish summer

Between the shooting we enjoyed the tasty food of skagenröra, knäckebröd, cheese, TASTE OF SWEDEN


This is a true boathouse. And I thought I saw fabror Melker

Another Swedish picture at Möja

I Love spending time with good friendly experienced people. Thank you,,

We also got a great story told of the recepie of the first toastskagen. Told by the owner of Möja Värdshus

It does not taste better,,,,. World class,,

Father and doughter working together

Still going strong in classic waters,,,

Fabbe is doing the SUP, Peder is playing with his latest toy and Johan is looking for the best photo spot

A perfect hide away, sheltered from the waves and winds

An iconic motoryacht club. We started the filming right here