Stora Blå has a history of diving since 1992 and we still love to dive. Our brand is based upon the movie Le Grand Bleu by

Luc Besson. A story about the life of Jaque Mayol who is a freedving legend.

Life is a mystery: I am a good friend of Jean Jaque Mayol and we have had more than 100 freediving students together since 1995.  And one interesting thing is that the name of Mayol is actually from Mallorca. And the name of our street where we are living on today is called ”carrer de Tomeu Buades Mayol”. A great apartment with a perfect garden, sea view and direct access to the beach -Magic.  Is this faith or what? 

Today I went diving with my chairman Stefan Sjölin. We have so much in comon. We both crossed the Atlantic from West Indies to Europe in 1991 on a Swahn. We are both diving instructors with passion for skiing. And we promised our selfes to live life to the fullest. This is how I belive meetings should be done in the best way. A combination with inspiring activities that turns on the passion which sparks the light of new good ideas that makes the difference. We live as we preach!! Hasta luego,,,