Theese days  in Båstad I met so many good old clients, partners, staff and friends. And yes, I am alive and still the owner of Stora Blå of  Båstad. 

I got it all confirmed again as so many times before. Today I was listening to Shaun Smith who talked about building brands. And the driven force behind it all is not profit, it is the PURPOSE. Yes!  I totally agree and felt that we are doing the right thing which makes me feel good and keeps me going on and on.  Stora Blå makes people grow, we inspire people and team to belive in them selves and trust in others. ”It is the DNA not the MBA we are looking at”

And later I listened to Tobias Ahlin, the man behind Spotify and Mincrafts success. And he also confirmed many of my beliefs the trick to hire and keep todays young people and how to support innovation and create good ideas. It is the many small ideas that is the success to move forward. The happiness of making a progress is a strong factor.  Even a failure is a success. See the pictures from the days in Sweden with the fantastic network of Friends of Excecutive. Stora Blå had the oportunity of inspiring all members with great experiences. For the fourth year in a row. And now we are planning the next step. ​​

Epic conditions for racing with J80, 7 teams and 11 races

The trick is no misstake, highest speed and the shortest way

Free wind, free way makes it a little bit easier

Teams waiting to their turn to race. Thanks to Special Sport School with their superfast RIB

Perfect weather to enjoy the ocean of Båstad

Very tight situation close to the leeward mark

Great friend, olympic sailor of Tornado, founder of Skarpa Magnus Lövden

Stefan Sjölin my chairman at aftersail at Pepes Bodega

Fredrik Olsson World Champion and founder of Skarpa

Dinner at Restaurant Sand

World Champs against Canada!!!

Great client Maria😉

Jimmy Odlen friend and founder/Owner of Friends of Executive

Staff and client. My fantastic Sandra Bengtsson (sales manager) with our super client Marie Louise

We meet again next week on Mallorca🎉🇪🇸

Tobias Ahlin, the man behind Spotify and Mincrafts success.

On the veranda of Pepes Bodega

Thule doing a nice show with great gear for adventureous people like we😉🇸🇪💪🏼

Mingle on arrival at Pepes before the lunch

More mingle,,,,

Niklas Edler, champion of sailing, partner of Skarpa talking with client

Pre start, Fegge Olofsson, friend and founder of Pepes Bodega

My great friend, good sailor and professional Chairman of Stora Blå Sweden, Mr Stefan (2) Sjölin

Getting ready

Hasta luego!