Sharing has always been of a great importance for me. Since I founded Stora Blå the driver for me has always been sharing. Sharing my lifestyle, my knowledge, my network and my passion for people!

Sharing is for me the same as caring. I´m caring for the mother nature that everyday let me use its power for inspiring people. I´m caring for people, by coaching and inspiring them to be a better person and leader. I´m very humbled over having the opportunity of doing what I do and also for doing it as a sucessful business. 

This year we have chosen to care about cancer and especially children cancer. We together with many other Swedish companies are supporting Team Rynkeby Helsingborg. A cycling team that are cycling from Sweden to Paris raising money for children cancer. This is one of our ways of caring and giving back. I honor the people behind good ideas for a good course. Let´s embrace more of these initiatives!

This week we inspired Team Rynkeby to achieve their goal, and gave them an adventurous day at sea. Helping them to be a better team. But it also gave us a chance of networking with other companies that share the same values that we have at Stora Blå.

Hasta Luego…..

We meet up with the cycling Team Rynkeby in Mölle together with other sponsors. 

The companys working for a better world! 

Together with the RIB from Special Sport School in Mölle we gave the team and sponsors a great sea adventure. 

Stora Blå – makes people grow!