It has been two intensive days of making a comercial film about the RIB boats of Agapi and next week we will continue in Stockholm.  We also made new contracts with Port Calanova of how to get help cleaning the boats. The weather conditions on Mallorca with its intensive sun and salty conditions makes it neccessary to clean the boats much more often than in Sweden. And this weekend when I was working as a skipper I also sold another membership of Agapi 950! Agapi is growing on Mallorca.

At this very moment I am sitting in Madrid at Plaza Mayor and killing time. The easiest/ quickest way of getting a new passport from Sweden is not to do it in Ängelholm. So I took a flight from Mallorca to Madrid this morning. Arrived in time at the Swedish Ambassy in Madrid and when it was my turn, suddenly a gentleman forced himself in front of me and took my place. What! I told loudly to the women behind the desk, –Please, you can not trust this man whos name is Björn! It was actually one of my padeltennis friends from Pins Padel Club. One chance on a million. Life is funny. Sometimes this world is a small place. 

Now I will use this afternoon of myself to explore Madrid before I am flying back home to Mallorca at 17,10. Then we do the barbeque as we watch the Americas Cup! Hasta luego from Madrid.

Great to see Madrid is caring for people🇪🇸

Great to follow the Americas Cup on my IPad…. Best spot

Soon I get my new passport on Mallorca at the Swedish Consul. They even wanted to know my parents Wedding Day. Thanks Sister❤️😇

Waiting for new instructions from Johan Annerfelt, the master

Filmning the Agapi 950

Anchoring the Agapi 950 in a perfect Cala