Far away from Sälen in Sweden, I am sitting safe behind my Ipad blogging at 28 degrees listening to the waves. At this very moment my compadre is getting ready for a super challenge and the forecast looks very wet and cold. She has done it before, even more demanding ultra, but respect for every new ultra race. You have to be humble for this kind of challenges. It is not about time, it is to become a finnisher or testing your limits. At the same time we do it because we have passion for it and we have fun doing it. Sometimes you have to remind yourself why you do it. I am proud of my wifes mindset and fighting spirit and also how she combines her work and her freetime. The flight left yesterday from Mallorca, then the train from Copenhagen to Båstad where her amazing father and supercoach lives. This morning they took the Land Rover to Sälen, which is an 8 hours drive. Checked in at a private little cottage (Thanks Joakim Haugaard). Making their own dinner and planning how to run the Ultra this time due to the circumstances. I wish I was there. But I have to work in the heat of Mallorca, far away. See youtube:https://youtu.be/yXw9dtiMk6g
Good luck my hero, venga venga venga. I follow you on the internet, runner 3077 💪✌️🇸🇪❤️👊

Hasta luego,,,,,