I´m just in the middle of four days of intensive work together with clients from Sweden. Half a year ago we got an request from a client in Sweden who wanted us to developing six sales incentive events with an focus on ”adrenaline”. We created 5 different events with different focus every time; air, water, snow, fire etc. And the grand final is now taking place here on Mallorca. Yesterday we had the focus fast adrenaline, where we went on a Jetski excursion and flew flyboard. An amazing day! With a lot of ADRENALINE!

I love having the benefi of working with special produced events created by my team in Sweden and here on Mallorca. I just deliver….

Stay tuned to see what we have done today…..

Hasta luego! Stefan

Excited clients!

Time for lunch at C. Nautico in Portixol

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