Grisfest at bodega

1,000 kr

Price: 800 – 1000 sek per person (excl. vat)
The price is a recommended price depending on the size of the group and the content.

Worth knowing about grisfest:

  • Flamencouppträde can be arranged
  • Paella can be arranged as an alternative
  • The time taken between the 2-3 hours
  • Suitable for groups of 10-300 people
  • Transfer apply


Traditional fiesta!

We visit one of Mallorca's beautiful vineyards. Initially divided you into groups and will test on different teambuildnings exercises. It is a perfect ice-breaker for the upcoming party. Then we appointed the winning team, we put ourselves at the table. You will be served bodegans different wines along with the traditional grilled pig. There is also the possibility of other grilled meats.

There is also the possibility of a flamenco appearance which is a much appreciated feature during the dinner.