Caves of Coloms – caving

1,600 kr

Price: 1600 sek per person (excl. vat)
The price is including equipment and picnic.

Worth knowing about cave diving:

  • The time taken between the 3-5 hours
  • We will arrange with the mask, snorkel, fener and våttdräkt. Size and dimensions shall be given in the days before.
  • To take with: Sportskor som kan bli blöta, Swimwear (for wetsuit), Bath towel, Backpack, Sunscreen, Sunglasses
  • No valuable items because of the rough and tough environment. Meddtages at your own risk.
  • Time: All day event, 4-6 hours
  • Includes light lunch in the price (baguette and water)
  • Requirements on the participants: Feel safe to swim 400 meters and does not suffer from claustrophobia.



Outside the comfort zone

To experience the old piratskyddet is a magical adventure that only few get to experience. A whole new world opens up; lakes with crystal clear water, gigantic stalactites and stalagmites, fantasiformationer that impresses. Here it is possible to make several high jumps from the rocks down in the crystal clear blue waters.

From the hotel we can take you to dive for the retrieval of personalized equipment consisting of; helmet, wetsuit, shoes, dykmask, snorkel, fins, headlight. We then proceed to Porto Colom on the east coast. After a 25 minute walk we reach the beach, where we switch on and goes through the security procedures. After a 350 mile swim along the coast we reach the opening to the “The Caves of Coloms”. We take a and a, slowly and surely through the small opening. We we switch on our headlamps, take off our fins and discover this fascinating world.

Would fear take over, you can always stay on the beach and enjoy this beautiful nature and its amazing variety of dramatic cliffs, sand and sea, while the rest of us dive in caves. We are not forcing anyone to go outside their comfort zone, we respect that we are all different.