Jeep Safari Challenge

950 kr

Price: 950 – 1200 per person
The price is a recommended price depending on the number and route.
The price includes a basket with drink, energybars, fruit and nuts.


Challenge your team!

The Jeep Challenge is an exciting and fun activity that gives you a chance to experience the beautiful Majorcan mountains. By using maps, the questionnaire and the challenging tasks, the teams will challenge each other.

With the help of jeeps and a map, the teams will be directed to exciting locations around Mallorca. They will be challenged with different issues and tasks. These tasks and questions can be arranged so that it fits the company. We will arrange “the competition” according to your wishes. In addition to the challenge, they will also enjoy and explore the beautiful nature of Mallorca and its spectacular mountain. The Serra de Tramuntana.

Jeeparna be parked at the hotel. The act allows the coordinates to various destinations. Once in place, the teams will perform a challenge where the results should be reported in the form of a picture or video with a cell phone camera and then after the completion of the “mission” sent to the head office. Extra points are given for creativity and effectiveness. In addition to this, all have a questionnaire with frågställningar and challenging exercises to solve during the course of the.

Energikit will be prepared (soft drinks and fruit) in each car.

The Jeep Safari ends at the hotel or at a bodega where the group will taste some local wines and have a nice picnic lunch.