The match racing world championship – Sailing

600 kr

Price: ca 600 – 3000 sek per person (excl. vat)
The price is a recommended price depending on the number and type of boat.

Worth knowing about Sailing / The match racing world championship:

  • A skipper is available on each boat
  • We provide you with sjöställ and life jacket
  • Suitable for groups of 6-60 people
  • The boats we sail are the J80 and the M32 catamarans


A fun and exciting experience where teamwork really put to the test!

Match racing is a really fun activity to experience! It is fast-paced and high demands on the entire crew. Rapid decisions must be taken and cooperation on board is essential in every small step. A bad start or a missed inskotning can be enough to lose a race, so tight is it! Everyone can participate, regardless of age, physics, or gender.

For a few intense hours, each participant really to get the feel of what sailing means. Are you an experienced sailor to get perhaps a long-awaited moment at sea, while beginners get to experience the sport of sailing on a really high level.

Match racing means that 2 crews pitted against each other in an intense race at the ca 15-20 my. Depending on how many teams that devised a program where everyone gets to sail as many matches. When you only have a competitor on the track, it often becomes frequent battles that switches between attack and defense. The first to cross the finish line is the winner and ”there is no second!” quote of the Signal-to-Master, The British Navy, 1851 during the race, which is today called the Americas Cup.

Match racing ADRENALINE with the M32 boats
For those of you who want to test one of the latest and most innovative matchracingbåtarna right now we offer sailing with the M32 boats. This is an adrenaline and high speed experience that suits the companies who want to experience something out of the ordinary.