Team building

450 kr

Price: 450 kr (excl. vat)

Priset är ett cirkapris baserat på antal och val av teambuilding aktiviteter

Worth knowing about team building:

  • Works all year round, indoors and outdoors
  • Can also be combined with lecturers according to your wishes
  • Fits all sizes of groups


Four eyes see better than two

Through our teambuildingsövningar we want to show how important team development is for the company.

Team building with us is based on that you can work together in a team to achieve results. We are happy to work close to nature and try to evoke a positive and inspiring atmosphere as the basis. The group may be different problems and exercises presented itself where the focus is on managing the problem as well as possible and not as quickly as possible.

We can help with the process in the group and can tailor the arrangement dealing with development processes, trygghetszoner, feedback or goals. We can weave lecture, issues, exercises and evaluation or opt out of selected parts.