Walk and Talk

650 kr

Price: 650 sek per person (excl. vat)

The price is a recommended price based on the number and location of implementation. Transport is not included.

Worth to know about the Walk & Talk:

  • Fits most seats & excellent in Mallorca
  • All year round
  • In the price included water and energy (energibar and fruit)


This activity fits well when the company wants to have unleashed their creativity and implement their konferensdel in a different way. It is said that you think more creatively and have more commitment when you go in the open air than when sitting indoors.

Here, it is you who choose focus on the questions and discussions that you think should develop during the hike together with the project leader from Big Blue. We divide all of the couple which, during a determined period of time may be two to three issues to go through, after about 40 minutes we change the pair and takes questions and tells us a little about what they come to the front in the past. We also stop along the way where we stop for teamövningar that everyone makes together.