The quest for something desirable

600 kr

Price: Ca 600 sek per person (excl. vat)

Minimum price is 7000 sek to carry out the activity.
The price is a recommended price based on the number and location of implementation.

Worth knowing about the Pursuit of something desirable:

  • Prize to the winning team is to recommend
  • Works all year round
  • Suitable for groups of 10-100 people


Team building and competition in a

One of our most popular activities with tävlingsgrenar fits all. This is a tankeövningar with the fast paced challenges that require cooperation.

We start with an auction where we auction off various things that may seem more or less interesting for the participants, but that later may prove to be helpful during the actual exercises. Here it is important to manage money in the best way!

With the help of a map and the purchased items should now act out and solve as many tasks as possible. The better you do emit, the more clues you get. Finally, there remains only the exciting denouement. All the teams have accumulated a different amount of clues and revealed which team that reaches the farthest and will take part of the ”coveted”.