Carton Cup

650 kr

Price: Ca 650 sek per person (excl. vat)
The price are indicative price and is based on the number and destination.

Worth knowing about Carton Cup:

  • Works during the summer months. April-October
  • Suitable for groups of 10-500 people
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Challenge on the beach

A creative, fun and competitive teamaktivitet who hear the summer to.

In Carton Cup, it is all about two important characteristics – cooperation and buoyancy. With the team's collective knowledge and technical ability to be able to construct a floating craft out of just a sheet of paper will put you to the test. All elements, including artistry and the ability to involve all team members in the work, assessed and documented.

The final performance is to succeed in launching their craft with a ”driver” and get through a vattenbana. All compete at the same time, and the audience (the teams on the beach) is very much involved in to cheer on their representative.

The end result will show the participants how important it is to work together if you want to create something. The teams will be judged on performance and execution but also in the structure and artistry. After completing the final winning team to be appointed.