Mission Impossible

650 kr

Price: Ca 650 sek per person (excl. vat)
Priset är ett cirkapris beroende av antal och destination.

Värt att veta om Mission Impossible:

  • Övningarna anpassas efter platsen
  • Suitable for groups of 40 – 500 people
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Mission Impossible – When the impossible becomes possible!

Mission Impossible is an advanced team play where teams with the help of modern technology, communication and cooperation shall comply with the requirements to become a fully-fledged S. B. I. A agents.

In the middle of your conference so storms a man wearing a balaclava into your local. A few seconds after rushing 4 S. B. I. A agents to enter the premises and wrestles the man. After much uproar and an intense wrestling match and so carry the agents out of the man. When the commotion has settled, one of our instructors up on the stage and informs about today's Mission Impossible.

This is about competition and cooperation at high level. The exercises are more or less challenging and the group is forced to cooperate in order to succeed. Each group will start from different points but have the same goal with its operation.

The groups will also be equipped with maps where some locations and positions is excellent. The team that succeeds in the best at the exercises will, of course, be in a better position to be able to solve the impossible.

Examples of the exercises:

  • The vault – Inside the vault is a microchip that you want to, but it is guarded by laser beams. You break a beam, so goes the alarm. Work as a team and resolve the task in the best possible way.
  • Rib Mission – Help our Ribförare to navigate to a coordinate in the water. Keep an eye on the course and your speed to find the right!
  • Mainframe – Down in a shaft, there is a computer with a problem that you need to crack. To access the computer, you must repel down a teammate in the pit and keep him above the ground so as not to trigger any alarms.