All of our staff know what Great Blue stands for. Through policies and guidelines, and our Big Blue school kvalitetsäkrar we all live up to the quality and the brand that Big Blue stands for.

The highest quality of materials and equipment has always permeated the company's various activities and experiences, but the resource always has the opportunity to leave the greatest impression at an event is our staff. These people are the company's great strength, and also the company's largest invaluable resource.

Our eventguider are instructors in scuba diving, skis, climbing, team building, shooting m.m. we can follow the group in the days with a personal ”touch”. Our event project managers have extensive experience of running and implementing large events.

We believe ourselves that we may have some of the industry's most exciting individuals working for us, with an incredible dynamic in the experiences and knowledge. We are proud of our employees and their performance and feel an incredible security in their skills.

Our motto is to live as we learn, and so do we!