My work is a lifestyle,

It is about trust. The clients has to believe you. You need to know what you are selling and the result of an event. You need to understand that your product is exactly what the client need and also will be happy with. You get only one chance to deliver. In my work it is a lot about safety. If something goes wrong we have in most cases not planned enough or we are working with wrong suppliers. A new friend of mine, Iker, told me:

 ”-Stefan, you are working with the most difficult thing in the world. PEOPLE. You can not trust them. They change their minds and they are all different” 

It is so true but still I love what I am doing. To win peoples trust, take them out of their comfortzone, believe in them selves and teach them to work in a team where they respect each other and work together. And maybe most important of all, have fun. Today, Saturday, I had my first meeting at 10 o’clock with Ana Cibrian and she works with Intuitive Leadership. Very promising meeting and she has been on Mallorca for 20 years. And now as I am blogging I do it from a boat. I am here with my great doughters Stella and Smilla. I want them to learn how to handle a boat.  We are enjoying the ocean and I am learning and fixing the new Agapi 800 RIB. To stay on top and know what you are doing you need to practise like any athlete who trains to win.  I can not practise on my clients. So, my work is a natural lifestyle and it goes hand in hand with my private life. 

Hasta luego,,,