We need balance in life

Tuesday morning reflections.

What a contrast this Monday was and life on this blue planet is really beautiful.

I was stressed by making a film of my clients life of adventure. They had won a six months long sales competition and the winning price was three days of activities with Stora Blå on Mallorca. They did not know more than it would focus on adrenaline. We did speedboats, watercrafts, flyboards and cave-diving mixed with great restaurants in perfect surroundings. Off course everything needs to be filmed. And after 10 hours of editing among more than 600 photos and many videos, everything was finally delivered. Whaaoo…!

Luckily me, my great wife took me for an amazing trail run in the evening sunset. An perfect ending of my office day! Thanks Henrietta for taking me with you and giving me balance in life!

Hasta Luego!