Out of the comfort zone!

I’m sitting here by my computer editing the photos and videos from my last days of events. I love working close with small groups. My work is to inspire people and to help them grow as individuals by letting them go out of their comfort zones. I’m doing this by making activities in the nature. This is my business idea and has been for more than 20 years. And I can say that more then ever I believe that my business idea is more important now then when I started. People need to get to know and understand them selves before they understand others so they can reach the full power in working together as a team. When I leave a team and see the outcome of what we have achieved it’s always very satisfying both for me and for my clients. I love what I do and to do this as a work and as a living, that’s a true blessing!

Now, enough of computer work. Let’s get outside and enjoy this beautiful day and do some fun and exciting activities!

Hasta luego! Stefan

Enjoy the photos from yesterdays adventure when we explored the Caves of Coloms. Exciting activity where we dive into caves from the sea and then do some cave jumping and swimming. A really ”out of the comfort zone” activity!