Using nature to drive a positive change in a team

Alright, it´s 08,00 in the morning lets jump in to the Land Rover. 08,30 we arrived to the mountains close to Andratx. Today’s clients is a team of 5 pax from a global furniture company in Sweden. They are all high performers, hand picked and working hard to make a change. After a few intensive days of conference it is time to reflect and learn. ”How can we grow as a team with all the challenges we have ahead of us”  This is the main task of today’s Walk & Talk. There is no better place than mother nature to reflect. People opens up their minds and respect each other in a completely new way than back home at the office behind the computer. It is as simple as that. No hocus pocus, or maybe it is? Nature is magic!  This is what I love to do. This passion for making a positive change drives me forward. Enjoy the pictures of real reality

Hasta luego, Stefan